Chatroullette is alright but not the best

This  website called chatroulette is good but it is not the best at what is does which is either cam to cam to another person of interest or chat with someone of interest. Instead chat roulette is more of a random sex cam service that allows you to chat with a bunch of horny guys. The last 3 times I went onto the website i found 9 out of 10 cams were men stroking there you know whats.  So to me this site is not all that because there are plenty of other great free chat sites on the internet that have a lot more to offer people looking for other people to interact with.

I wanted to get you feedback on what you think about this website chatroulette and websites like them and what is your favorite place to to chat with friends and family. I personally like Facebook as this allows me to chat with friends family and prospective friends very easily and in somewhat of a trust worthy environment when I am felling a little adventurous I go to the places listed on my link roll on the sidebar


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