Chatroullette is alright but not the best

This  website called chatroulette is good but it is not the best at what is does which is either cam to cam to another person of interest or chat with someone of interest. Instead chat roulette is more of a random sex cam service that allows you to chat with a bunch of horny guys. The last 3 times I went onto the website i found 9 out of 10 cams were men stroking there you know whats.  So to me this site is not all that because there are plenty of other great free chat sites on the internet that have a lot more to offer people looking for other people to interact with.

I wanted to get you feedback on what you think about this website chatroulette and websites like them and what is your favorite place to to chat with friends and family. I personally like Facebook as this allows me to chat with friends family and prospective friends very easily and in somewhat of a trust worthy environment when I am felling a little adventurous I go to the places listed on my link roll on the sidebar


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Mafia wars rocks for what it is

This game Mafia Wars by Zynga on Facebook is one of the best games ever that I have played. The cool thing is that it is free to play and lots of fun to play. I have built up my mafia to over 100 members and go on missions every day to do various tings with my mafia. A great idea for a game I just have one wish for the game and that is that there be more places to go to play. I also enjoy the Zynaga Poker but it is no where near as fun as the Mafia Wars.

Do you have a favorite online game to play tell me or should I say us what it is so we can all take a look at it and give it a rating on just how good your game really is and what it is all about.

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Plug the GDF oil well already.

OMFG yes that is right i can not believe this oil well has not been plugged. It seems like 9 out of ten tries has always been another way to get more oil out of the well but to me it should have been the oppisite 9 our of ten tries should have been at plugging the well. I am sure there will be a lot to time to go over all the bad decessions made by the companies involded and I just hope this never happens again and some one is required to manage all oil drills and wells offshore to monitor and for bad things that led up to this and to stop it at step 1 and other things that obviously need stricter Government oversight to prevent another catashphe like this from ever happening again in America or the World in my opinion.

This country needs to stand up to British Petroleum and let them know this is something that will never happen again, ever. i never by gas at BP anyways but i am in no hurry to start now that is for sure. Let me know your thoughts about this crisis and what you think should happen to all those involved.

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Had some bad luck all better now to blog

Some knuckle head thought it would be alright to text and drive and by doing so rear ended me at a red light and shot my poor little mazda into the middle of an intersection and and get me creamed by another car going through it. All said and done thanks to me wearing my seat belt i was spared my life but still ended up with a couple of broken bones and 22 stitches and lots of scraps and bruises.

I never even knew what happened till days later when I was told about it by a detective investigating the accident and e told me who hit me and what the circumstances were surrounding the accident. Was totally shocked because i never saw it coming just all of a sudden blamm I am out and a couple of days later woke up feeling like crap in the emergency room. Just goes to show me and you that you should always wear your safety belt regardless of how good of a driver you are it is the other millions of drivers i worry about.

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It is good to see that people are selling and buying albums once again. My parents has boxes full of these albums from the 60’s and 70’s that they break out every once in a while and listen too. I see albums for sale at the flea market and yard sales and the thrift stores, and people are actually buying them and listening to them. It’s all good.

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An Over Load Of Clothes

I have taken the time to go through my chest of drawers and have down sized a good amount of clothes. I took 3 bags full to the Good Will yesterday. I still have my closet to go through but will wait a few more weeks until I gather up the courage to let more stuff go. At least I’ll have a nice tax write off this for this year.

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The Washing of Hands

I have always washed my hands more than most people do. I was beginning to think I was getting a bit OCD about it all. But I do believe that with the threat of the Swine Flu it is a positive thing to do and I hope more people will keep their guard up and minimize spreading germs to others. The washing of hands throughout the day just makes good sense.

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